With all this life going on around me it can be an overwhelming task to keep things in order. I had a vision for myself in 2020. I would get some help with The Garden. It was time to let go and trust that another person could have the same affinity for these plants as I do.

As soon as I spoke the words she appeared. My Fairy Godmother. With many years experience in sprucing things up in a Garden Shop just like mine, she got right to work.

I wish I could say we started in one corner and made our way through The Garden systematically. That is not how this Fairy Godmother works. She went round and round with her magic wand and cleaned out places I hadn’t noticed in a while. ” You’ve got to tear things apart before you can put them together nicely.” she said.

Sweeping leaves and dusting cobwebs, grouping the Owls with the Owls, the Fairies with the Fairies, the Tiki Heads with the Tiki Heads. She even created a Head table. Ha Ha! ” They like to be together.” she said. Yes they do!

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