In The Garden Today
Walking into our little shop form The Garden I hear buzzing overhead. A bright green Hummingbird with magenta markings had mistaken the brightly colored beads for flowers and trapped himself in our skylight. I quickly brought a chair and a soft cloth to help him find his way back to The Garden.
He would have none of it and kept flying into the far corner where I couldn’t reach him, so I moved my chair to the high corner to try and wave him out the back door.
That’s when it happened! He hooked his tiny feet on a protruding nail and fell over backwards. Passed out! Dead!? Like a colorful little bat Hanging upside down.
My heart sank. Did I kill him.? Did I kill a hummer by trying to force him out too soon.? Didn’t he know I was only trying to help.?
I fold the soft cloth around his little body and bring him down out of the skylight. I walk out into The Garden and sit on our bench holding his little body gently in both hands. He is on his back very still and looking up into the winter sky. We talk. I tell him about my day so far and about my life as of late. My pulse begins to slow as I talk about my friend Robin. How she loves him so and used to visit The Garden daily to take lovely photos of him and his family.

His eyes begin to blink and he begins to turn his little head from side to side. His wings give a little flutter as he flips himself over and flies away , up into the Bottlebrush tree, to be among his favorite blossoms.
Holding that small, delicate creature in the palms of my hands, took all my attention for that moment in time. A healing reminder to slow down, to breathe, to walk out into Nature often and have a good, heartfelt conversation with someone special. Feeling Grateful.

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