February can be such a fickle month. 70 degrees one day and 32 degrees the next. The weather mood swings can be tremendous. He loves me, He loves me not. It’s no wonder Cupid lands right smack dab in the middle with his questionable archery skills.

The Garden is just waking up from winter. Flowers are beginning to bloom and so are the weeds. But weeds are just flowers growing in unexpected places, aren’t they?


I tend to let my Garden grow a little wild but this time of year it can start to get out of hand. Chemicals are a No No in The Garden so weeds have to either be pulled up by their roots or have their little heads cut off by the weed eater.

Oxalis, commonly known as sourgrass, and Nasturtium, a trailing plant with round, edible leaves and bright orange flowers, combine forces around the perimeter of the goldfish pond along with leaves, dust and debris

The Bold and The Blooming

My French Lavender, a very happy plant on the Central Coast, becomes bold this time of year. Pushing itself out into the walkways, blocking customer traffic and daring me to prune while it is flowering so beautifully. Well, I just can’t bring myself to tame it, so I let my husband do the dirty work. The Lavender is just made stronger by cutting back so extensively, and it usually blooms happily all Summer long.

Twin Pink Jasmine vines surround our little classroom cottage along with a Cape Honeysuckle shrub, also known as Tecomaria. In February the Jasmine blooms profusely and its fragrance fills The Garden. The Tecomaria blooms all year long with bright orange flowers. An epic battle unfolds as the two plants vie for attention as they have been planted together somehow. These plants need trimming through out the year as they both struggle to take over the building.

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