Morro Bay Garden

Morro Bay Garden believes in your green thumb. We make it easy to keep your new plants

happy & healthy through little printed care sheets with every purchase. With simple skills and

a little love you can bring more nature into your daily space. Succulents are one of the easiest

plants we carry to care for. We made an easy how-to care guide just for you.

Discover 6 simple steps to succulent care by claiming your checklist below.

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Classes & Events

DIY lil' landscape classes

Enjoy a nice relaxing couple hours in the Morro Bay Garden as you design your own miniature landscape. Take home your own little land, complete with a tiny garden & teeny figurine who lives there. Enjoy a variety of plants, ground material, containers, and figurines to let your creativity flow. Add some nature to your desk at work or home with a take-home, easy to care for lil' landscape.

Beading & DIY Jewelry Classes

Add awesome new skills to your creative bag of tricks with these classes for beginners to beading lifers. Taught by experts who not only know how to make it look easy but know how to simplify the process for you. Each unique class will include materials for your own take-away version made in the class by you. Learn to make your own gifts that you and your friends will love!

Garden Party Event Rental

Keep the Morro Bay Garden in mind for your next small mellow event. We rent the space for you and up to 20 guests. A perfect option for a scenic and relaxing nature backdrop for your own little secret garden party. From birthdays to baby showers, We provide tables & chairs and you bring your family & friends. Come make some memories in a little slice of paradise.

What People Are Saying

“I can’t say enough about the beautiful “secret” garden that Helen has created in the heart of Morro Bay! It’s a tucked-away oasis where you can relax, browse and enjoy. Helen also creates intriguing plantscapes that are perfect for indoors and small spaces, and If you sign up for a class, she’ll teach you how to do it too! It’s a go-to place for great gifts and souvenirs, and she even ships… As you can tell, I’m a fan! Morro Bay Garden…Dig it!”

Anita Broughton Henry

Singer & Artist Extraordinaire

“My grand daughter loves to come and look at the newest fairies and furnishings for our fairy gardens and Helen always has the most interesting and healthy herbs and fun plants. I have several I’ve planted in my yard over the years and they are all still thriving. It’s also nice to bring my beads and work in the calm and quiet in the cottage or just sit near the pond and pet Shop Kitty.”

SanDee Winn

Massage & Wellness Queen

“The garden is a lovely surprise nestled behind the bead shop in the heart of downtown. My daughter loves to visit shop kitty & the koi fish. The new renovations to the patio classroom & planting stations have made for a wonderful outdoor space. Helen’s air plants & new moss selections are spectacular & the succulents are always lovely, well cared for, & of excellent quality. Helen is very knowledgeable & helpful-plus she’s super fun, so our visits are always a pleasure.”

Britany Scott

Jewelry Design Goddess


5 steps to a DIY miniature landscape

Let your imagination out to play with all the options available to design your own miniature wonderland. Remember, there is no wrong way to create a mini landscape or fairy garden. Our miniature gardens, much like our full sized backyard landscapes, tend to be a work...

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3 secrets to edible scented geraniums

Scented Geraniums offer the grower and the chef a generous bouquet of fragrant and delectable notions. There are more than 200 varieties of pelargoniums grown for their lovely scented leaves. 50 rose scented varieties alone. Robers Lemon Rose has one of the sweetest...

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3 Keys to keeping airplants alive

To keep your airplants loving life practice these three simple care tips... Food & Water Right Amount of Light Let 'em Breathe   Food & Water These little guys won't make it on a water spritzing alone. They need the big plunge... Once a week fully submerge your...

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