Morro Bay Garden

A little secret garden in the heart of Morro Bay


I’m Helen

I’d like to show you just how easy it can be to bring nature into your home or office. From tiny single air plants to designed or DIY fairy gardens.

We have the perfect pick to fit any shade of green thumb.

Due to COVID-19 we are offering shipping, pick-up, and individual walk-thru by appointmernt.

What I Do

DIY lil Landscape Classes

Enjoy a nice relaxing couple hours in the Morro Bay Garden as you design your own miniature landscape. Take home your own little land, complete with a tiny garden & teeny figurine who lives there. Enjoy a variety of plants, ground material, containers, and figurines to let your creativity flow. Add some nature to your desk at work or home with a lil’ landscape.

Beading & Jewelry Classes

Add awesome new skills to your creative bag of tricks with these classes for beginners to beading lifers. Taught by experts who not only know how to make it look easy but know how to simplify the process for you. Each unique class will include materials for your own take-away version made in the class by you. Learn to make your own gifts that you and your friends will love!

Garden Party Event Rental

Keep the Morro Bay Garden in mind for your next small mellow event. We rent the space for you and up to 20 guests. A perfect option for a scenic and relaxing nature backdrop for your own little secret garden party. From birthdays to baby showers, We provide tables & chairs and you bring your family & friends. Come make some memories in a little slice of paradise.


"It’s a go-to place for great gifts and souvenirs, and she even ships… As you can tell, I’m a fan! Morro Bay Garden…Dig it!”


“My grand daughter loves to come and look at the newest fairies and furnishings for our fairy garden."


"Helen’s air plants & new moss selections are spectacular & the succulents are always lovely, well cared for, & of excellent quality."



Spring Cleaning in The Garden
Spring Cleaning in The Garden

February can be such a fickle month. 70 degrees one day and 32 degrees the next. The weather mood swings can be tremendous. He loves me, He loves me not. It’s no wonder Cupid lands right smack dab in the middle with his questionable archery skills.The...

Hummingbird Spirit Animal
Hummingbird Spirit Animal

In The Garden TodayWalking into our little shop form The Garden I hear buzzing overhead. A bright green Hummingbird with magenta markings had mistaken the brightly colored beads for flowers and trapped himself in our skylight. I quickly brought a chair and...

Bibbity Bobbity Boo
Bibbity Bobbity Boo

With all this life going on around me it can be an overwhelming task to keep things in order. I had a vision for myself in 2020. I would get some help with The Garden. It was time to let go and trust that another person could have the same affinity for...

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